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Testimonials from Owners who have purchased a KocaKola Kitten

Written By Owners of KocaKola Kittens!

Oh Laura, we love him so much! The 2nd day when I checked in on Presley and my daughter this morning, they were both still asleep with Presley right on the pillow above her head. So cute! My daughter's bed is very tall, but, you were right, he is quite fearless and got up there right where he wanted with no problems.He is eating great, drinking his water, and has used his box several times. He is such a joy!Thank you for such a wonderful kitten!
Week 2: I took Presley and his paperwork to our vet this week, and she and her staff just fell in love with him! Presley weighs 2.8 pounds (at least on Tuesday), and he is just perfect. It was so nice not to need any vaccinations, so Presley just had a great time!My vet is very pleased with the choice of Life's Abundance food. We got our shipment very quickly, and we ordered the big intro package that had the food, treats, supplements, and the litter box cleaner. Very nice!
Thanks again, Christine :-)


Hi Laura – Our testimonial is below. Hopefully it isn’t too long. We can’t thank you enough for Charlie. He really is exceptional. Kathy  

When I came across Laura’s website, it had only been a few weeks since my beloved Persian, Baby, died from cancer. I was looking for a breeder who might have tabby Persians available so I would know where to go when I felt like I was ready. When I showed Charlie’s (previously Ozzie) picture to my husband, he insisted that we contact Laura and that we shouldn’t wait. He was right. Charlie has been so much more than we could have hoped for; he is truly exceptional. I had been so sad and having Charlie has really helped to heal my broken heart. He is happy, healthy and even more gorgeous than his picture. He adapted to our home and our dog, Shelby, almost immediately. By day three, he and Shelby were sleeping together. His sunny disposition and pure cuddliness has really helped fill the void in our home. I have already told all of my cat-loving friends that if they ever want to get a kitten they should go to Laura. Everything she told us has been true – her kittens are clearly hand raised, healthy, happy, outgoing and extremely intelligent. Our friends, family and our vet have all been very impressed with Charlie. We wouldn’t hesitate to get another kitten from Laura. Thanks to her, we have a wonderful addition to our family.

My name is Melissa and I recently purchased my male Persian Cooperman from Laura at KocaKola , I was kinda of scared because I have never owned a cat in my life. I originally went for a female and Laura and I talked and I ended up getting the male and I'm SO glad I did he is the most lovable cat ever!!!!! Laura treats her customers like she's known them forever not just a business deal! Not IF but WHEN I get another Persian it will 100% be from Laura !!! Thank you so much for my baby ! Melissa


Toby is beautiful, healthy and the most well behaved cat I ever had. He actually listens to me like a dog, he is SO smart!!! I would only get another kitten from you :)


We got two kittens at the same time, one from Laura and another from a different breeder.  Both are male Persians with our intention they would be best buddies and life-long playmates.  They have bonded well with us and each other, but it was clear that Laura's kitten was much more people oriented because of the attention Laura gave him in his first three months.

She was so attached to him, she cried when we picked him up.  Not only is she a very professional breeder providing excellent health care to her kittens, she also creates a loving, supportive environment during that critical time of weaning from the mother that made the transition to our house an easier process.  We are very happy with our boys and highly recommend KocaKola Kittens.
Jim & Julie Wiesner


Spencer is doing great! He's stopped growling at Teddy. Teddy is cooing at him and hissing some, too. I think they'll be fast friends soon. He is eating, drinking and using the litter pan. He is just the cutest thing on four legs!! He zooms around the house, curls up in my lap, loves to play and sleeps on the pillow above my head. He picked out the spot
where Bubba used to sleep right off. I love him and thank you for this beautiful kitten who has brought joy back into the house!!


Hi Laura, Juanito went to the vet today to get his 2nd set of shots. All went 100% , the vet who used to be one of the top breeeders for Persian Cats said.. that you did a great job, and she could tell you put a lot of heart in breeding your kitties. 



Hi Laura:

I've been meaning to send an email to let you know that little Toula was doing just fine.I am not sure if you remember me, but I got "Winnie" July 1st, for my mother on our way back from Shands.    Unfortunately, my Mom passed and I'm having a rather bad time with my emotions which time, friends, family and Toula will give me strength.

 I can not begin to tell you the happiness little Miss Toula brought to my Mom. She is worth her weight in gold.  At the time my Mom passed Miss Toula was right with her and that morning she held her and kept saying "My Toula", "My Toula".  Sad as I am that my Mom did not have as much time with her kitty as I would of wanted or hoped, I am happy she had all that she did have!  She (Toula) continues to be a wonderful addition to our family and even more special as she made my Mom so happy and content. 
My Mom cherished her so much.  Thank you !  She has such a wonderful personality and the doctor and nurses could not believe how she stayed with my mom during her last days, purring either at her side or on her pillow next to her head.
Thank you and God Bless YOU! Pattii

Hi Laura, Chris and I wanted to thank you and Myla for our little angel! She is so precious and has brought so much happiness to our life! She is full of energy and wants to play play play but when it's  sleepy time she curls up in our arms and purrs till she passes out! You can definitely tell her cattery had a huge impact on her personality! I would definitely recommend if anyone wants a sweet, loving, and playful kitten they should consider your cattery! Not only are your kittens wonderful but you guys were so understanding and helpful about the whole process!  We will definitely look to your cattery for our next kitten! Thank you again for everything!Sincerely,

Niki and Chris

Hi Laura, George (Amore) continues to capture the hearts of anyone
who meets him. He now officially rules the house, the humans, the dogs, etc. He has three modes - Mr. Playful, sleeping or loving. When he is in loving mode, he truly loves to be loved - and there have been plenty who are willing to give him that love (including yours truly). We have had family members over some this week and everyone is amazed at how much he loves to be loved. He is extremely bright, personable and full of life. While he is Kina's kitten, I have truly fallen for him as well. He has slept on my chest several times. Last night our college age daughter, Kelly (whom you met) spent the night. George slept part of the night across Kelly's neck - I think you nicknamed him scarf because he did that with you. Thanks for providing such a delightful bundle of joy to the Jones household.

Jones Family




I cannot thank you enough regarding my purchase of Kyra (formerly Ellie) a number of months ago. Kyra is doing great and is a perfect companion. I have purchased from a breeder several times before you and I have never seen one so interested in getting the right cat matched to the right owner and in following up after  the sale.  I also appreciate your cageless environment as it produces an outgoing and friendly cat. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to find the perfect feline for them.John Gallagher

I would  like to say thank you to Laura for having such a great cattery! You bring such happiness to people by providing little bundles of love. Reese is so sweet and I am going to recommend the cattery to my friends and family. You do such a great job as a breeder and also take pride in how you raise your kittens. You do such a great job of making sure they are socialized and have plenty of human contact. You are a credit to breeders everywhere and I am so happy I found you! I like the fact I can also stay in touch with you and let you know how Reese is doing! You can expect many photos and emails about my bundle of love! Thank you again for being so great! Alison


I recently purchased a kitten (Lila) from KocaKola Kittens and am thrilled to death with her.  She is so sweet, I have renamed her "Sugar".  She is a real lovebug, so intelligent AND so funny, she makes me laugh out loud.  I am so happy I researched and found a small cattery such as KocaKola Kittens where the kittens are raised "under foot" and with so much love.  "Sugar" is returning that love to me in abundance.  Thank you Laura and Brett for being so good to your cats and kittens, thereby giving their future owners, like me,  the chance to reap the benefits of that goodness and love.  I will keep in touch with you, knowing your love for your kittens continues well after they reach their "forever homes".                    Pat Steedle


Laura, I hope you enjoyed the pictures I sent you of Miles. I want you to be part of his growing life..you’re a wonderful breeder and know the right kind of kitten to suggest to each family...I am so glad we found you! I could not have picked a better kitten. The first time I saw Miles I wanted him. He fits in so well with our family. He sleeps on a suitcase that I used last weekend..I don’t have the heart to put it away so after all the loving he gets from me he then goes and sleeps on top of it. He sits in a chair in the bathroom when I am there..he follows us everywhere! He is so funny! 
Tammy & Miles
Ps… My husband wants to know if there is a hidden button to shut off Miles’s purr at bed time. He is such a happy kitten he purrs all the time!






Emma is now a beautiful 6-month old two-tone Persian kitten.  For those who feel cats are not intelligent or are distant they have not met my Emma.  She greets me at the door daily when I come home from work, comes when I call her name, wants nothing more than to follow me around and spend time with me and loves to play fetch with her favorite toy “Miss Piggy”.  She brings much joy to my life and never fails to charm the guests that are in an out of my home.






Hi Laura and Brett,
My family was just so happy to meet Bella.  She was the Belle of the Ball as you might say yesterday.  She was the life of the party.  She had so much attention.  Everyone just loved her sweet little personality. She is right here beside me having a blast playing right now.  I will keep in touch.  I feel so blessed to have her.
Thanks so much,
Diane Matthews


 I am so happy I got my kitten from Laura. She is an excellent breeder and loves her cats. I love my Roxie and she is so playful and laid back. She has had the best start in life. The love and care you showed for her as a kitten, making sure all the kittens go to good homes, and get the love they need. The advice I got on how to care for her, what to feed her, and how to handle her was so great and such a help to me!!
Also, we just got Red Man and he is going to be loved and spoiled just as Roxie is. Thank you so much for these beautiful cats and I will keep you in touch as Roxie grows with Red-Man.

Barbara and Jack




   “Ollie is doing great, he is spoiled rotten.  We love to just sit and watch him, he is getting more playful every day running through the house and sliding around corners on the wood floors.  We feel so lucky to have him in our family.”                  
                   Susan, Stan and family

  Just wanted to say thanks again for everything. Moca has been such a wonderful addition to my family!
She has to be the most loving Persian I have ever had.... it shows how much love you gave her as a kitten.
Thanks Again
Karen Perry,




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