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KocaKola Persian Kittens

WELCOME to our page for the most recent info on our kittens please come check out our facebook page for current kitten pictures and videos

Click on the link below to go to our facebook page


pictures, bio and prices are now posted
They are now available for deposits. There are some additional pictures of them on our facebook fan page. 

Sneak peak pictrues are available on our facebook page. We will posting them on this website at 4 weeks. We will post Pictures, personality info, and prices. You can then reserve you new baby with a deposit and they will be ready for their forever homes at 9/10 weeks.
"Available Kittens Tab"

WANT A SNEAK PEAK OF THE NEW BABIES?? just "LIKE" us on facebook for weekly pictures as they grow! http://www.facebook.com/pages/KocaKola-Persian-Kittens/141295393336 


We are located in lake mary, FL

Thank you for coming to our website. You can go directly to the Available Kittens Page by clicking on the link above. We ask that everyone please READ over all of our website as we try to put a lot of information on here for you to learn about our cattery and our kittens. We will post birth announcements on our website. We always keep our website very up-to-date.

We will then post the date when the kittens will be listed online. The date will be very close to when the babies are about 4 weeks old. We will post 2 pictures and a short bio about the personality of each baby along with their price. At this same time we will be open for taking deposits to hold a specific kitten. We also make appointments for people to come and see them if you do not want to pick from the pictures. 


A kitten will remain available until there is a deposit to hold it. Even if you have scheduled a time to see a specific kitten or if you have spoken with us about a specific kitten, it will be available until a deposit is made and we have approved of the home it will be getting.  We do not go out and inspect homes but we do like to get a feel for who is getting the baby and how it will be cared for etc.


Our babies will get their first shots and Florida health certificates at 8 weeks of age and will be able to go to their forever homes at 9/10 weeks of age.

Check back often for updates! 

Our 12 Month Health Guarantee

 Your Persian kitten will come with a Vet Certified Florida Heath Certificate showing your kitten is free from any and all contagious or infectious disease along with its shot record of shots given at 8 weeks of age. We guarantee for 1 full year against any congenital or hereditary defects or a replacement kitten will be given. Our cattery has never sold a kitten with any health congenital or hereditary defects. We pride ourselves on the health or each and every kitten.


Our Cattery only feeds:

And to learn more  about the BEST natural cat food that you need to be feeding your Persian Cat.



Home Page

  Laura Marko, Owner / Breeder / Animal Lover
                                                                             Life's Abundance Independent Field Representative

We are a small cageless cattery. We prefer to place our kittens locally and not to ship them however, we can sometimes arrange to deliver your kitten to you or meet you half way. Please read our testimonial page and you can hear from proud owners who have adopted a baby from us as to what  KocaKola kittens are like…the difference you will see in your very own KocaKola kitten. We love our kittens from the 1st day they are born. Each one gets love each and every day. Once they are walking they are free to roam our home. They sit in our laps while we watch TV, they follow us from room to room, and they sleep on our pillows at night. We love on them as much as they love on us.

Your kitten will be comfortable with all the grooming a Persian kitten needs. We bath and blow them dry with a hair dryer. We clip their nails and clean their faces and eyes. They learn all of this from the start and because of it are very easy and laid back with things that most kittens are not comfortable with. We are PROUD of how our kittens are raised. We love them for 10 weeks and then you get to love them for their life time!


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